Sunday, February 20, 2011

‘The great Indian Education Fair 2011’ was held recently at the ‘Sri Lankan Exhibition and Convention Centre’ with the sheer purpose of EDU INFO.!!!

Indian education fair
Text and pix- Amalshan Gunarathne

‘The great Indian Education Fair 2011’ was held recently at the ‘Sri Lankan Exhibition and Convention Centre’ with the sheer purpose of providing Sri Lankan students with insightful information on Indian University system. The exhibition gave its visitors the opportunity of gaining expert opinion, career guidance and comparative insights on how to compete with the current global education trends.

Indian High Commissioner Ashok K Kantha with the exhibitors

The event was organized by the ‘Affairs Exhibitions & Media Private Limited, India’. Speaking on behalf of the organizing committee, the Managing director of the Affairs Exhibitions and Media Pvt. Ltd, Sanjeev Bolia articulated: “The exhibition will demonstrate how Indian education can help students to achieve success in an extremely competitive world. The Indian education seeks to provide its students a very high brand of education at a relatively lower cost.”

Compared to western universities in United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Europe, the Indian education comes at a very affordable cost. In fact the cost of higher education in India is one tenth the cost of a European university. Even at such a lower rate, most reputed universities in India provide the students with best learning environment. They provide the students with a reputed international staff, plush interior, rich infrastructure and wide variety of outdoor sporting activities.

Indian High Commissioner Ashok K Kantha presenting certificates to exhibitors

Many of India’s most reputed, schools, colleges and universities participated to the exhibition. The exhibition was segmented in to two divisions. The first division showcased what India has to offer for the primary and secondary education.

Many reputed schools including, Woodstock School-Mussori, Singapore International School (Mumbai), Akash International School (Banglore), Comorin International School (Kanyakumari), St. Jhon’s Residential School (Chennai), Prudence International School (Mumbai), participated to the event. The schools cater to students in both primary and secondary level.

Indian High Commissioner Ashok K Kantha and other distinguished guests at the opening ceremony

The other division provided the visitors with a very in-depth analysis on the Indian university system. Many renowned universities including NITTE University (Bangalore), Alliance University (Bangalore), Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science (Nagpur), KIT university (Bhubaneswar) VELS University (Chennai), Acharya Group of Institutions (Bangalore), Dayananda Sagar Group of Institutions (Bangalore) participated to the event.

The exhibition was also expected to bridge the gap between the two countries. Speaking at the opening ceremony Indian High Commissioner Askok K Kantha stated: “Considering that the education has always been an integral part of India and Sri Lanka’s multi facet relationship, the fair is expected to make a positive impact on the growing bilateral cooperation between the two countries. Through such collaborative effort we can take the regional growth to higher standards”


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